We are the

Industry Leader in Crib Safety

Long-Standing Commitment

Safety is not new to us. It is a part of our history.

Here at MDB, whether you're familiar with babyletto or any of our other brands, we are a family, and much like your own family, safety is our main concern across the board. As a family company in business for over 20 years, safety for us doesn't stop or start with recalls because long before the establishment of any formal safety commissions or legislations, we've committed to establishing processes and systems that ensure only the safest products reach you. We have been working with the same two factories who share the same sense of commitment to safety and quality as we do. As a team, we have developed an extensive system of quality control checks throughout the production process ringing from product sourcing, production line, and to the final checks before any product leaves our warehouse. This extensive process ensures that our products meet not only the JPMA, Health Canada, and all current CPSC regulations, but most importantly satisfy our own commitment to safety and quality. It is the result of this long-standing commitment that we can say we've never had a product specific recall and proudly say we have been providing babies with a good night sleep for over two decades!

Better Than Standard

We go above and beyond safety regulations.

Aside from passing the CPSC's federal safety standards and being JPMA certified, our products even pass the meticulous Canadian safety requirements. Even more, we undergo additional checks and tests to make sure our products are safer than any of those rigorous standards, more on those if you just keep scrolling!

We Double Check Everything

We never settle for good enough. We want perfect.

We have created our own rigorous quality control programs to stay ahead of industry standards. We have a quality control team at our production site that individually checks and hand packs each piece to assure the highest quality of craftsmanship before any of our products leave our factory doors. Not only are products manually checked at the production site, but upon arrival in the United States, items are inspected and assembled again by another team.

Better than Safe Materials

Our paint is ultra-safe.

We exceed JPMA regulations and go through annual paint tests. Paint is called safe when it has toxic materials under 300 parts per million (ppm). In order for a company to claim low toxicity and as mandated by CPSC, it must be no more than 90ppm or 0.009%. All of our products here come in at less than 0.001%, way below the level allowed, making it absolutely lead and phthalate safe.

Clean Enough to Eat From

We care about the details and every item is constructed with the safety of your baby in mind.

Our cribs are built with the hidden hardware feature and finished with non-toxic materials to keep your mind at ease when your baby starts teething.

We Work with Others

We are members of JPMA.
  • The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association is an organization dedicated to enhancing children's product safety and work. It's the industry leader on programs to educate consumers on the safe selection and use of juvenile products.
  • Through the certification program, all of our full size cribs are JPMA certified. Each product is sent for testing to a 3rd party CPSC certified lab to ensure compliance with ASTM standards. After certification, 25% of models are tested yearly to adhere to all guidelines in order to remain active participants of the JPMA Certification Program. Aside from full size cribs, all our other products such as mini cribs, bassinets and changing tables, are also tested to ensure we go above and beyond ASTM standards.

Lots of Others

We are active members of ASTM.

The American Society for Testing and Materials edits and publishes voluntary safety standards. Standards are accomplished through semi yearly meetings of a diverse group of participants, including manufacturers, retailers, consumer groups, consultants, the press, lawyers and test labs. Establishing ourselves as a leader in crib safety, we are active members of the ASTM committee and we uphold all of the voluntary standards. Safety is our first priority.

Staying Up to Date

We pay close attention and move quickly to stay up on the latest CPSC standards.

Consumer Product Safety Commission is a government organization that adopts voluntary standards to become federal standards. By keeping ourself up to date on all voluntary standards, we are able to deliver safe products without a hitch even when new federal standards roll out.

Attention to the Basics

There are a few golden rules to crib making. We make sure we always follow them.

All of our cribs are compliant with the standard consumer safety specifications or ASTM F1169 and federal regulation standard 16 CFR 1219. The construction of all our cribs is up to standard regulations to ensure safety and quality. Our cribs utilize metal inserts, equipped with lock washers and self-locking nuts, instead of wood screws. Each crib has a maximum width of 2 ⅜" or 6 cm between each slat, with each slat withstanding at least 80 lbs. The interior dimension of each crib is 52 ⅜"L x 28"W with ⅝" variance allowed. The height at the lowest mattress level support is required to be a minimum of 26", while at the highest level it should be 15". With this requirement, we do recommend it would be safest to stop using our cribs when your child reaches 35". As detailed on the available warning labels, we do recommend crib mattresses to be at least 27 ¼"L x 51 ⅝"W with the thickness not exceeding 6".

Extending the Basics

As your child grows, our included toddler rails and full size rail extensions have you covered.

For toddler bed conversions, we have included toddler rails that also meet standard consumer safety specifications or ASTM F1821 and federal regulation 16 CFR 1217. The height of the guardrail must be at least 11" in height and structurally withstand the minimum 50 lb force. The slat strength of the guardrail must also withstand at least 80 lbs. As recommended on the warning label, mattresses should be a minimum of 51 ⅝"L x 27 ¼"W x 4"H.

Mini But Strong

Our mini cribs are not small on safety or durability.

All of our mini cribs are compliant with the standard consumer safety specifications or ASTM F406 and federal regulation standard 16 CFR Part 1220. Our mini cribs are constructed up to standard regulations to ensure the highest quality and safety. Each mini crib includes a mattress pad, and utilizes metal inserts with lock washers and self-locking nuts, instead of wood screws. The slats withstand at least 80 lbs, with 2 ⅜" or 6cm between each slat. The height of the lowest mattress level support is required to be a minimum of 22", while at the highest level it should be 9". Warning labels are available on the product as well as the included instruction manual.

Safe Changes

Our changing tables leave one less thing to worry about in the nursery.

Our changing tables meet the standard consumer safety specifications of ASTM F2388. Some of the major requirements include testing for structural integrity, tip-proof stability with anti-tip kit, barriers, entrapment and enclosed openings and shelves. Our changing tables include an optional anti-tip kit, as a form of safety enhancement, to help secure the item to the wall. Warning labels are available on the product as well as the included instruction manual.

Cradle Won't Fall

Our cradles and bassinets are extremely difficult to knock over.

All of our bassinets/cradles meet the standard consumer safety specifications of ASTM F2194. The construction of our bassinet/cradles meet the requirements of 7.5" minimum height and maximum 2 ⅜" between each slat. Each item also passes testing for stability and is tested by CAMI dummy that weighs 17.5 lbs to track the incline degrees. Warning labels are available on the product as well as the included instruction manual.

Beyond the Latest

Here are some examples of how we're meeting and exceeding current standards
  • All of our products adhere to 2008's Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSCI) which includes regulation of lead limit, mandatory 3rd party testing, tracking labels, consumer registration and ban on phthalates.
  • CPSIA's Section 101 regulation requires that paint and other surface coatings be at 0.009% (90ppm). Our products go above and beyond that requirement with the lead level of our products resulting at less than 0.001%.
  • CPSIA's Section 102 regulation mandates a third party testing facility for all children's products. All of our JPMA tests are done with Intertek lab in Taiwan, China, HK and USA.
  • CPSIA's Section 103 regulation requires the inclusion of tracking labels for all children's products. All of our products include a warning label containing the date of manufacture and a PO/lot number to have proper tracking of each item.
  • CPSIA's Section 104 regulation ensures standard consumer registration of all nursery products. All of our products come with a consumer registration card. Consumers can either fill out the card and return the pre-paid card or access the same registration form on our website for easy registration.
  • CPSIA's Section 105 regulation sets a ban on phthalates. Phthalates is a chemical that can be plasticizer for PVC and other plastics or solvent in paint, adhesives, cosmetics or fragrances. It is generally found in a wide range of items such as toys, playground equipment, flooring, windows, home furnishings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, footwear, automobiles, stationary, food, water…etc. In February 10, 2009, there was an interim ban of phthalate usage limiting less than 0.1% of DINP, DIDP, DnOP in children's toys and child care articles that can be placed in a child's mouth or brought to their mouth and can be sucked or chewed. Phthalate is not found in any of our products.

By MDB: A family company